Call me Dustin.  Just Dustin.  I am a professional software engineer, amateur political philosopher, and wannabe writer.  Despite all that, my only real, demonstrated talent in life is spewing forth semi-informed opinions on a blog.

On my site you will find all my articles separated into 3 broad, and completely separate topics: Writing, Society (political philosophy, economics, etc…), and Technology.  I expect that you are only interested in hearing my half-formed opinions on only 1 of those topics.  That is why I split the site into almost 3 separate sites so that you, my favorite people in the world(my readers), can easily stick to only the information you care about.  I originally had a fourth category called “humor”.  But since I think I’m funny, I like to put a little humor in every post.  The “humor” category became redundant.

So why do I blog about such diverse topics?  At first I had a blog about writing (more specifically, “Blog Fiction”), I got several readers and then I burned out because I wanted to talk about other stuff and resented having a “writing” blog.  Then I got a blog about politics (more specifically about budgets and economics).  I had several articles that were often linked to and received a lot of readers from google searches.  Then, I got burned out because I wanted to talk about other stuff and resented having a “politics” blog.  Get the pattern?

So, now I write about everything that interests me.  Fortunately, that covers only 3 topics.  If I ever get interested in model airplanes, I’ll have to add a fourth section.

You might ask why is the site called SnowCow.  There is no reason.  It was just two words that sounded cool when mashed together.  Plus the domain name was available.

You can subscribe to any of the 3 topics individually by finding the “subscribe” button in each section.  If for some reason you want to read my rambling diatribes on EVERYTHING that I type(and if you do, then you’re probably like me and something went seriously wrong with your life), you can find an “Entries RSS” link in the footer of every page.  I also provide the links at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Come back soon and I’ll leave out some freshly baked virtual cookies.

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