As most of you probably know, I have a forum dedicated only to listing all of the blog fiction available on the internet. I’ve had it up for a couple years now. Over the last few years some of the Blog Fiction listed has been taken down. That means I have a lot of broken links and etc…

I was getting ready to just outright delete these entries, but something stopped me. Right now I have probably the largest collection of Blog Fiction both past and present. I asked myself, Would I and the internet be losing something if I deleted the last piece of evidence of some of this early blog fiction?

So I wanted to ask you all. Is it worth preserving these links and brief descriptions? Should I move them all to a broken link section? Or maybe I should sync up all the broken links into one topic. Or, maybe I’m being silly, and just need to delete them. I’d love to hear your opinions. The Forums is getting pretty clogged up, so I’m setting a deadline for myself. In one week the broken links will be dealt with one way or another.

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9 comments on “What should I do with lost Blog Fiction

  1. At first I thought it would be kinda silly. But then, what if one of these bloggers becomes a published author one day? Or an idea that germinated in a blogfic became a blockbuster movie? It would be cool to be able to trace that, if the blog itself is deleted.

    That said, a broken link section or topic would probably be the way to go.

    Nice to have you back, btw…

  2. The wayback machine was a good idea. But most of the sites missing, I don’t think were big enough to be recorded because I couldn’t find any of them there.

  3. I agree with Maya regarding the Wayback Machine. Perhaps a section with dead links that could be searched via the Wayback Machine would be valuable?

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